You can find on this page the Phoenix transport map to print and to download in PDF. The Phoenix transportation map presents the transports network and transport zones of the transit of Phoenix in Arizona - USA.

Phoenix transports map

Map of Phoenix public transports

The Phoenix transport map shows all means of transportation in Phoenix. This transports map of Phoenix will allow you to move easily with public transport of Phoenix in Arizona - USA. The Phoenix transportation map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Public transport throughout the metropolitan area is provided by Valley Metro, which operates a system of buses and a rideshare program. 3.38% of work commutes are made by public transit. Valley Metro has completed work on a $1.4 billion, 20-mile (32 km) segment of the light rail project, called the METRO Light Rail, through north-central Phoenix through downtown and then east through Tempe and Mesa as its shown in Phoenix transports map. On December 27, 2008, it opened to the public; future segments of more than 30 miles (48 km) are planned to open by 2025.

Because the Phoenix metropolitan area totals approximately 14,600 square miles as you can see in Phoenix transports map, public transportation is not the easiest or most popular way to navigate the Valley. Most locals rely on cars, but as routes have expanded, public transport has become a more viable option for many, including visitors. Phoenix Transportation provides the best possible customer service and delivery performance. My goal — indeed, our goal is to nurture an organization that is now and will always be a source of tremendous pride to employees, community and customers alike. With terminals in Georgetown and Louisville, Kentucky; and a new operation in Charleston, SC, Phoenix Transportation Services has earned a reputation for on-time delivery and outstanding customer service.

Phoenix, AZ, Taking the train or bus to work in the morning can be a daunting task for many, but it looks like commuters have a better or worse experience depending on their location in the country. Phoenix city ranked 55 overall in public transport (see Phoenix transports map). Phoenix also finished 26 in "accessibility and convenience," 61 in "safety and reliability," and 67 in "public transit resources." Phoenix finished in the middle of the pack for major cities across the country, but there is no better-known public transportation system than the one in New York City, which has over 665 mainland track miles and transports over 1.75 billion passengers each year, according to the study.